Chairperson’s Message – Call to Action

I wrote the following article (see below this message) in an effort to highlight and advocate the critical need for an Intensive Care Eating Disorder Inpatient Program. As the article states this is urgently needed and has to be given a higher priority by our healthcare leadership. It would be helpful and proactive if we could join together and lobby our politicians, healthcare officials and interested stakeholder groups to respond sooner than later as this is a matter of life and death for some of our eating disorder families. Families have significant power when it comes to influencing our politicians to act more decisively and I call on you in your various capacities to do what you can to help us achieve our objective.
Thanks for your ongoing support,
Vince Withers
Chairperson, Eating Disorder Foundation of NL (more…)

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Siblings of Hope

“Siblings of Hope” support group is a monthly group designed to help educate and support brothers and sisters (18 years and older) who are currently supporting a sibling through recovery of an eating disorder. (more…)

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Get Help Today

Are you experiencing symptoms of an eating disorder? Is this a concern in your life right now? Have you thought of reaching out for help but did not know where to turn? Would you like to know what resources are available to you here in Newfoundland and Labrador? (more…)

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Resources for Educators

The Eating Disorder Foundation is available to give presentations to staff
at any school in the province, free of charge.  Statistics show that eating
disorders are on the increase in our province.  Children as young as nine
have been hospitalized at the Janeway.  Early detection and treatment can
play a huge role in students getting the help they need.  Early detection
and treatment can save lives and save families. When a child has an Eating
Disorder, the whole family needs help to survive this illness. (more…)

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