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Siblings of Hope

“Siblings of Hope” support group is a monthly group designed to help educate and support brothers and sisters (18 years and older) who are currently supporting a sibling through recovery of an eating disorder. For more information regarding participation please contact Patricia at patricia@edfnl.ca or 709.722.0500. by

Eating Disorders Among Girls And Women in Canada

  Standing Committee on the Status of Women issues a report to Parliament entitled “Eating Disorders Among Girls and Women in Canada”. This report issued to Parliament earlier this month includes 25 recommendations. The Eating Disorder Foundation of NL is currently reviewing the report and will be working with the Eating Disorders Foundation of Canada…


Get Help Today

Are you experiencing symptoms of an eating disorder? Is this a concern in your life right now? Have you thought of reaching out for help but did not know where to turn? Would you like to know what resources are available to you here in Newfoundland and Labrador? The first step is often the hardest one…


Support for Family and Friends

Are you concerned about a loved one possibly having an eating disorder? Are you attempting to support a loved one with their struggle with an eating disorder? At the Eating Disorder Foundation we firmly believe that parents and caregivers do not cause eating disorders. In fact research says that parents and caregivers are the best…


Resources for Educators

The Eating Disorder Foundation is available to give presentations to staff at any school in the province, free of charge.  Statistics show that eating disorders are on the increase in our province.  Children as young as nine have been hospitalized at the Janeway.  Early detection and treatment can play a huge role in students getting…