EDFNL Client Newsletter #19
April 2022

Welcome to the April Edition of the EDFNL Newsletter.

Resource # 1
An attached article from www.nationaleatingdisorders.org called 10 STEPS TO POSITIVE BODY IMAGE. TRY READING TO SEE IF ANY OF THE STEPS SPEAK TO YOU …ON YOUR JOURNEY TODAY.

Resource #2
A great blog from nedic.ca. It is called I Choose Recovery, I Choose Freedom, I Choose Life. This author with lived experience says: Dear reader, The hardest battles are given to only the strongest of soldiers, and you, my friend, are a warrior. Mental illness is nothing to hide or be ashamed of, and please know that you’re not alone. No matter who you are or what you’re going through, keep going… Trust me when I tell you there’s so much hope and light.

Resource # 3
From Morning Side Chats (www.chatsinthelivingroom.com/) some great reminders on Self-Compassion which is essential for growth and healing.

Resource # 4
Another beautiful blog from Nationaleatingdisorders.org entitled You Are Not Broken
The writer has a powerful message to her readers: “So, my friend, I say to you with complete confidence and sincerity: You are not broken. You ARE fit for this world. And you are worthy.”

As always, thank you for reading this newsletter.

Quote to remember from NEDIC Newsletter: “You can only do so much and it’s ok if its not very much”

Possible Resources:

Some key mental health options for you in NL: https://www.bridgethegapp.ca/adult/
CHANNAL Warm Line 1-855-753-2560/7 days a week form 10 am – 12 midnight; Peer Support
Provincial Mental Health Crisis Line 1-888-737-4668 24 hours; 7 days/week
Crisis Text Line Text ‘Talk’ to 686868 24 hours; 7 days/week
Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868 (up to age 25)
Doorways Program https://nl.bridgethegapp.ca/adult/service-directory/doorways-walk-in-clinic-counselling/

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