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EDFNL Client Newsletter #20
January 2023

Hello Everyone


Hope all is well with you.  As you are aware Patricia Nash retired as our Counsellor in April of last year.  Before she left Patricia asked me to send you the Newsletters’ once we were able to send them again.


The Foundation is pleased to announce we have hired a temporary Counsellor, Deidre Keating M.ED (CCC), Deidre’s email is


Below are some resources that you might find helpful.


5 Podcast Episodes to Support Your 2023 Intentions  


Below is a link to a selection of podcast episodes found on the website “The Emily Program” to help nurture your body and mind, and to support your self-care, in 2023.


The 4 “R’s” of Eating Disorder Recovery in the New Year


New Year's resolutions may look a bit different if you are in recovery. This below link is to an article located on the “Walden Behavioral Care” website that offers some simple goals for you to focus on in the new year.



Self Compassion    

If you want to learn to be gentler with yourself, the below website offers valuable information about self-compassion. Kristin Neff is a leader in the field of self-compassion and she shares lots of free resources here. This is a website to bookmark, and share!

 100 Powerful Body Positive Affirmations for Loving Your Body     

Learning to love our bodies is a lifelong journey. If you'd like to develop a gentler relationship with your body, the link to the below affirmations found on the “Gratitude Blog” may help. You may try saying these aloud, slowly. You may also choose to write some of these on sticky notes and put them in places where you see them often. Affirmations help us reset our thoughts, and open us up to new ways of thinking. Try these out and see how they feel. speak to you.


Take good care of yourselves,

If you need support or guidance, please reach out to Deidre at (Support available by: phone calls with you, emails, Zoom or in person.

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