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Emotion Coaching Session

At EDFNL we offer a four session workshop in Emotion Focused Family Therapy. This has proven to be very valuable to families with a loved one where there is a possible or definite concern around an eating disorder. It is also helpful with other mental health issues such as anxiety or depression.

To help families while they wait for the full workshop, we have begun offering a three and half hour session in EFFT. This session teaches families & caregivers how to become the Emotional Coach for their loved one. It is part of the longer workshop but can be of immediate help to families as they wait for an opportunity to do the full workshop.

We offer this three and half-hour session (not the full workshop) via ZOOM.

Our hope is that families & caregivers who do the three-hour Emotion Coaching session will return to do the full workshop when it is offered. The full workshop gives a much more in-depth understanding of EFFT. Our feedback from families so far says the three-hour session is a good introduction that helped them fully understand the skills taught in the two-day workshop.

Please contact Cathy Skinner at or 722-0500 for information.

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