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Reflecting on 2022

     It’s that time of year to reflect on our collective progress this past year responding to the needs of our eating disorder families. Clearly the highlight of 2022 has to be the many hundreds of families who came forward and participated in our education, training, and support services. I want to commend our families for taking this important step on their journey to recovery. The efforts of the Foundation, the Intensive Care Inpatient Program, the HOPE Program and the various Janeway programs are resulting in much more optimistic, hopeful, and caring outcomes. It's important to once again communicate the importance of coming forward and smaking that telephone call and I can assure you the next day will be the start of a recovery outcome.

            After many years of struggling to improve eating disorder services, we are now in a position to say that inpatient and outpatient treatment and support services are now available for all age groups. Despite the challenges we have all faced these past two years, our staff and healthcare professionals have done their very best to maintain services and respond accordingly. Eating disorders are the number one mental health disorder in our Province and across Canada and therefore has to be taken seriously, remembering that a recovery outcome will require intensive professional support.

            Please treat this message as an appeal to families who are experiencing any form of disordered eating to come forward; we are ready and willing to support you.

To our supporters, we are grateful for your continued interest in the work of the Foundation and hopefully 2023 will be a year of many more recoveries.


Vince Withers


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