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Eating Disorders Awareness Week
Message from the Chair

The beginning of Eating Disorders Awareness Week February 1-7 is a time to reflect on eating disorders reminding us once again that they are our most serious mental health disorder. I find it difficult to find the words to express my concerns about the increasing growth in eating disorders in our province and across Canada. While Eating Disorders Awareness Week reminds us of the seriousness of eating disorders, it is also a period to celebrate our significant improvements in treatment and support services. Many families have come forward and participated in our education and support programs and we know from experience most have started their journey to recovery.

                  It's critically important that families experiencing any form of disordered eating make that telephone call and hopefully in time they can receive the caregiver support necessary to be a proactive participant in handling the severe impacts of their eating disorder. Remembering that without professional help it is not possible/difficult to recover from an eating disorder. Some families tell me that they can do it alone, not so, our experience tells us that recovery is very achievable, and we know many families who are/have successfully participated in our outpatient and inpatient programs are on the road to recovery.

                  There are now good treatment and support programs for all age groups available in the healthcare system. It's now up to you to take advantage of these programs; do it for yourself, you deserve this opportunity to be happy, content and enjoying life the way it used to be. As someone involved at many levels in eating disorder care, I would advise you to take this advice seriously and visit your family doctor and get an eating disorder diagnosis. Make that telephone call to the Foundation or to one of Eastern Health’s treatment and support programs, remembering again you can't do it alone. Tomorrow will be a better day.

                  We understand the difficulties of having to participate in treatment programs including the good and bad days ahead of you, however in time you will be rewarded with positive outcomes. Let's make a new year’s resolution that you will heed this message and open that door to a more proactive approach to getting the help you deservingly need. To the many families who have taken charge of their lives, we want to celebrate your participation in the various programs, we are now able to say we are so glad you made that telephone call.

                  The caregivers like the Foundation, the Janeway, Inpatient Intensive Care Program and the Hope Program are there for you, we want to be your caregiver and support you in your journey to recovery.

                  Please consider this message as a call to action, don't disappoint me, we worked hard over the years to establish existing treatment and support programs. We did it for you. Let's work together; we can succeed.


Vince Withers

Chair, Eating Disorder Foundation of NL

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